15 Feng Shui Tips for the bedroom

Better sleep with Feng Shui

Sleeping BuddhaLearn how you can transform your bedroom with the help of Feng Shui.You do not need any accessories Asia or exotic tools, just the willingness to change and a little muscle power!

Attention! Apply Feng Shui, always means compromise. You are not likely all tips can implement immediately. Work therefore easy step by step and find the optimal solutions under their respective options. Something else not make professional feng shui consultant also.

Good Feng Shui looks incidentally also always good. If your bedroom so transformed by the feng shui cure in an unstructured Something wildly in space positioned furniture, you have done something wrong. So Always remember: less is often more – in Feng Shui!

Most of the listed tips are general in nature and can not and should not substitute for individual advice. You can and should help you find out if you Chinese art of wind ( feng ) and water ( shui disenchanted something). Here we go:

Here's suits: The bed is connected to the head end to a solid wall.  The bedside tables and the boxes in the foreground provide storage space to ensure symmetry and balance.  Image: Flickr (coco + kelley)

Here’s suits: The bed is connected to the head end to a solid wall. The bedside tables and the boxes in the foreground provide storage space to ensure symmetry and balance. Because smaller furniture and accessories are arranged in pairs is, in addition, emphasizes that this is a room for two. Image: Flickr (coco + kelley)

1. Keep your bedroom clear and concise.Closed cabinets and selected, mating pieces of furniture help to create a place of relaxation. One bedroom is not a storage bin or laundry, but a place that should allow you to come to rest and regenerate. Keep in mind that you spend about one third of your life sleeping. Then you should give a little attention to the design of the respective room!

2. Your bed should be at the top end of a solid wall. If no wall is available, you should make sure that the bed has a solid headboard (eg made of solid wood). The head of the bed is in the form of school of feng shui as a turtle called. The turtle (in this case, the wall behind the bed and the headboard) represents protection, strengthening and security. If it does exist, nobody will so quickly “stab in the back”.

3. The wall where your bed is, should ideally be a wall in which there is no regularly used water or heating pipes are located. The reason is simple: Rushing lines, even if you are in the wall, a prevent restful sleep.

4. Your bed should not be placed exactly between a door and a window or between two windows, which today are exactly opposite. The reason: Between opposite windows and doors often creates a kind of “Qi-threading” , the negative on to a can affect restful sleep.

5. Cabinets, shelves or heavy picture frame should not hang directly above the head of your bed. Just take the test: Place under a shelf or cabinet. For most people feel is under harrowing.


Left sample: The bed is in a door window line.Solution: The bed is moved to the opposite wall. The round carpet, the chairs and the curtains on the windows ensure that Qi that comes in through the door, can collect and immediately out the window “rausschießt”. Right example: The bed is both under and between two windows. The opposite wall is preferable from hence. (Tip: To simply enlarge click on the image.)

6. The foot of your bed should not point exactly to a door. The reason: If there is a bed / the sleeper in direct line with a room door, a similar situation arises as described in section 4. The Qi , which flows in the door flows unrestrained to be sleeping.This is considered to be disadvantageous in Feng Shui.

7. If there are beamed ceilings in the room, the bed should not be placed directly below it. With beamed ceilings, it behaves similarly with wall units & Co. (see item 3).You can stifling or threatening act like a sword of Damocles.
Does the bed can be placed under a beam, should / of / the bar with a canopy or the like should be provided.

8. Avoid sharp corners and edges. If this, for example in the form of wall or fireplace projections, pointing to the sleeping man, they are in Feng Shui unfavorable. They bundle the Qi in an unfavorable way.Position your bed therefore either so that no edges pointing to you or defuse the edges by the clever positioning of furniture or eg by gently flowing cloths that attach along the edges.

9. Is your bed under a sloping roof, it should be positioned so that you “look out” from the slope . Because you look directional bias, this creates in most cases a depressing feeling that can adversely affect sleep. The slope then acts like the proverbial “blockhead”.
If the knee wall / jamb man or higher, the oppressive feeling remains from likely. The bed can be positioned in this case also with the head of gen knee wall or along the jamb.


Bed position under a roof slope

10. Make sure that you sleep in a favorable direction for you.Calculate to your auspicious directions by the East-West system , a classical Feng Shui method, which is also for laymen easy to use.
People that the Eastern group belong, should lie with his head to the south, southeast, east or north. People of West Group belong, with his head towards the west, southwest, northwest and northeast. (How to calculate group membership.)

11. If a mirror is in the room, this should not located opposite your bed. Mirror opposite the bed disturbing effect, since a constant reflection takes place, too much yang qi produces (type). Bed Frame For Sale

12. Large houseplants and fountain are beautiful, are however in most cases not in the bedroom , because they spread too too much yang qi.

13. The bedroom is a place of rest, so it should be possible to darken the room by curtains or blinds. The reason: Sleep is the Feng Shui mainly Yin-Qi associated. Yin-Qi is the inward repatriates and is reflected inter alia in silence, darkness and tranquility.

14. In the bedroom, you should use soft wall colors. A flashy red or a deep green are out of place in most cases. So put your money on rather neutral colors or colors with low saturation (chroma).

15. Whether you are for or against a waterbed decide depends entirely on your personal preferences. In the Feng Shui of the room a waterbed has no appreciable effect.

Best Clash Royale Tips

We’ve been playing it since its launch in the App Store New Zealand as a “Soft Launch”, which some months ago that we are flawed to the card game:  Clash Royale . So we want to give you some tips and tricks for Clash Royale, designed so that newcomers have it “easier” when you start playing and not despair in the attempt. And we have to recognize that some defeats are really frustrating, which armaos patience and not desist. Gradually you will go to improve the deck, leveling up, learning tricks to counter enemy attacks and making the most of the combinations of cards you have.


Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale


  • At the start of battle waiting before attacking first , at least until we have full meter elixir.At that time go ahead and launch a first strike to keep elixir. I usually start with a basic letter of little cost to waiting to see the attack of the opponent and to defend and counterattack.
  • Once past the first few seconds of combat you have to think long throw letters , or rather when we do. Launching a simple letter or three elves minions individually do no harm to the towers, because they will die for their arrows before arcercarse and have lost the elixir. So it is always advisable to use more powerful, combined or options to reach the target and leave the weaker cards as support or defense. Of course the more items juguéis the clearer your strategy, perhaps playing on the counterattack, the dismissal to all …

Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale - Battle

  • When we attack the enemy is good, whenever possible, not to throw the defense too fast , letting our own towers support units with their arrows. If we send too fast they may die by their towers and put us in a bind without defense.
  • Having a balanced deck between ground troops and air is fundamental to repel all attacks, which always meted some letters of both. It is also essential to have, especially units that will walk, great for entertaining enemy units and do not reach the towers.

Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale - Baraja

  • Another way is to use buildings entertain units. Not only entertain the adversary but will generate new recurring units or attack directly, depending on the type. I would always like to have a structure in the deck, still my favorite today’s cabin goblins.
  • Moreover, you also have to look very carefully at average cost of elixir from our deck , as if very high run the risk of not being able to react to the attacks have only high – cost cards.The interesting thing is that this number ranges between 3 and 4, at least start.
  • Being in a clan is highly recommended , not only to train and talk to other people but because you will be able to draw cards that give you your needed and that you left over , gain experience and coins by doing so. If you look you can find one ours within the clan tab Clash Royale: EsferaiPhone.

Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale - Clan

  • No coins to spend like crazy improving all the cards we can, it is possible that that letter does not go well and we have saved undeployed. In addition to gain experience letters must be improved, so it is advisable to try to do with us to know that can fit well in our deck. We usually always improve all the cards in its most basic level, as the cost is cheap and stopped when the price rises to 400 or 1000.
  • As you go playing you will go unlock new special and more powerful cards, which you will go learning to better use . Some of them alone can not be relevant to eachother, but we must learn to combined use. For example, use a Montapuercos along with freezing spell can be decisive for battle.
  • The card shop can be very interesting , especially for a kicker that we lack to complete an improvement or, in my case especially, to buy rare cards. Of course for this we must save alot, but often the rewards are invaluable.

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  • We also have to take into account the gems that we are getting that, though rare, can help us to get gold. 60 gems we can get 1000 coins to upgrade or buy troops, so worth the wait worthwhile.

Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale - Shop gems

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