Highland Spruce Artificial Christmas Trees

The Highland Spruce artificial Christmas tree is a stunning combination of full branches and a deep, rich, blue-green hue. In the wild, evergreens many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and we believe that artificial Christmas trees should do the same.

Different artificial Christmas trees fit in with different styles of Christmas décor. In the case of the Highland Spruce Blue/Green Deluxe, this tree is very well balanced, lending itself both to simplicity and extravagance. White lights look particular attractive on the Highland Spruce, but colored lights work well, too.

The cool color palate of the Highland Spruce Blue/Green Deluxe artificial Christmas tree also lends itself well to use not only in a home, but in an office. Its calming colors are clean and professional, adding tasteful charm to lobbies, offices, and entryways alike.

As a high quality artificial Christmas tree, our Highland Spruce Blue/Green deluxe tree is very well made, with needles designed to be soft, and a body that is easily assembled and disassembled for safe storage each year.artificial Christmas tree

Its thick, full branches also make it versatile. Simple, modern adornment adds a touch of shimmer and lets the tree’s fullness bear an inviting presence in any home or workplace. Likewise, more elaborate decoration works very nicely, too, as the Highland Spruce’s thick branches suggest robust health, warmth, and life.


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Small Guide to Know All about the Motor homes

It is getting more attention today and you can find the lot of Motor homes for sale easily. There are many options available for sale the Motor homes. There are following tips for sale the Motor home or RVs.

You can meet the local home dealers

There are many numbers providers available today for sell my Motorhome. You can find out the ads and newspapers in both for sale the Motor homes. Used RVs are sold for average prizes. Buy my Motorhome dealers provided the best deal for sale the Motor homes in good money.

Local who are selling their Motorhomes

It has provided a good opportunity to buy the RVs for sale in the United States at cheaper price. If you should higher amount from RVs then you will offer to the higher price of customers for sale the motor home.

Preparing your U S Motorhomes

Body work

You can use the breathable cover or overwintering coating to protect the element of your motor home.


You can try your home wheels in over the winter. You should check the tire pressure from every week.


If you want to clean your Motorhome interior part then you start the clean of the freezer or cupboard and other interior part.

Types of Motorhome  

Micro Motorhome

These sell my RV are established on small car version. Most provide sleeping for but a lot of, like the RV solo get a picture on here, have equitable a single birth. You will usually observe simple and shower, cooking equipment more and cupboard to reserve smallest easily carried washroom. Nor have a hefting roof some type, but some have an upper-top.

Bongo from japan

These Motorhome transformations approach ensuing from Japan, where tariff profit are specified if you sell your RVs or car as transport after two- three years. Found on mazada Bongo car alter ego drive. It can provide better value for hard cash. Few have four hoop drive and smart touches as electrically powered lifting slate.


It has been more famous for extra than half centenary. Campervans are thousands of road and it is constructed now a day by Volkswagen and important converters. It provides convenient accommodation for two or eight in a few, enough to be cast as the family vans. Upper top and roofs are both preferring and separate basic cars. Toyota is worn as these type of campervan conversions. More of these vans loyal backing with fan organization to them.

Larger car versions

Sometimes a bigger car or buy my RV are converted in panel vans. These provide extra room so its simple to suitable useful sized toilet a highly attractive kitchen area. It is big enough to provide headroom and few have a double bed. It’s great to check distance of this transverse bed for it can be piece fixed for bigger sleepers. It is manufactured from Bilbos, Divon conversions, Murvi, IH Motorhomes.


Your house of dreams in Portugal – Ideal Homes Portugal

When you are going to build your home, then the most exciting time in the life of the homeowner is the phase of making plan for new house. House planning is really important part of the house building and if you try to ignore them can lead you to face different problems in future. With the help of blueprint, you can exactly know that how your Ideal homes International is going to look. The layout of the house also includes the size and proportion of the room. To make your house perfect in the race of Ideal homes Portugal, you need to adopt some tips for making good house plans.

  • Sketch of the house:


Design the rough sketch of the house and try to put everything that you want in your dream house to make Ideal homes International. This will help your designer to understand what type of house you want to have and he or she will be able to understand your requirements easily. This is the basic and the first step in building your house. This can reduce various types of complexity that you are going to face during the time of house building. The rough sketch makes you to plan put each and everything in the sequence. Take the first step for ideal homes Portugal with a piece of paper and pencil to architect your dream the way you want.

  • Future consideration:


While building ideal homes Portugal, one should consider all the aspects of life as the person has to live in the house for his whole life. The person should consider all the future plans of the life, so that he or she is able to design the home according to the future requirements. You should consider these questions to make Ideal homes International.

  • How many people are going to increase in the future in your house?
  • What you love to have in your house?
  • Do you want to give one portion of your house on rent?

Giving one portion of the house on rent increases the safety of the house. When you consider these types of thoughts in your house building plan, then you can easily prevent your house from different types of renovation. This will not only save your money but also your time.

Set your priorities:

People say that building ideal homes Portugal is the thing that makes people to put loads of money to buy the comfort of the house. It is not possible for everyone to put all money in living a luxurious life and it is also true that it is not possible to all the fantasies of the life. To live your life in a balanced form, one needs to learn the importance of priorities in the life. When you are able to set the priorities in your life, then you can easily evaluate the budget for your house. The budget of the house is also an important feature of Ideal homes International. The deciding the budget of the house can help you to make balance with your life.

Personal Water Filter- A must in this overprosesse

Even if you drink bottled water distributed in the main supermarkets and Wal-Mart stores you are still getting contaminated water.
If you read the notice on the one-gallon jugs, many will say bottled from a municipal source so that water is full of chlorine and other contaminants.
If you drink the big name providers your still getting contaminated water because they add benzine to the water to add to the shelf life.
A few years ago one of the big names had a recall because they had but too much benzene in and people were getting sick.
Today more than ever you need a personal water filter that goes where you go.

Personal water Filter – The best choice

Inadequate sanitation and contaminated water are often in the headlines around the globe.
They say that eventually wars will be fought over water and with the water supply being corrupted with all manner of chemicals it is very hard to find clean water unless you make it yourself.

Everyone needs at least 1/2 gallon of water per day. Most people assume that because the water they get from the tap is from a municipal source that the water is clean. Nothing could be farther from the truth, municipalities put in calcium and other minerals as well as fluoride and chlorine. If you want to test the effects of chlorine and non-treated water on your body go to a public swimming pool and swim for ten minutes then drive out to a lake and swim for ten minutes the following day. Which swim wore on you the most? You feel the effects of bathing in chlorine. You get that same poisoning from your shower or from the water you drink.
Of course, all the water is treated because of running away growth in microorganisms such as viruses (polio, hepatitis),(cholera, salmonella, streptococcus) bacteria, and parasites (Giardia Lamblia, Cryptosporidium). NO one wants to get that! So the chlorine kills all that stuff in the water you drink, and you drink the chlorine and all the dead bodies of all those microorganisms, ooh goodie.
You can make clean water by boiling, distilling, filtering and purifying. Perhaps the easiest option a personal water purifier, which purifies and filters water without the delay of distillation, iodine tablets. Boy, I bet that Iodine water tastes good!

Victorinox Swiss Army knife SwissChamp

A swiss army knife is a valuable traveling companion, and the Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT will become a prized possession.blue-Swiss-ArymyKnife
Extremely handy, versatile and useful, you’ll find a thousand uses for this finely crafted tool. It’s the perfect all around tool for the gadget-happy set whether working on a piece of electronics or pulling slivers with the tweezers a ton of uses will come to mind.
Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT Sure to Please
You can take comfort in the low price of this exquisite tool. One of the favored features of the Swiss army knife is the little tweezers that slide into the end. The knife also has a hook that can become a handle to help you carry a parcel wrapped in string. You will find a watch a light a toothpick and a pen all in this one tool.
Altimeter, barometer, temperature gauge, the Victorinox Swiss Army knife SwissChamp XAVT has everything.Now you only need to have one tool. Two magnifiers of different powers one is 8x and the clear surround version is 5x per the manual. It could be folded out and used together too to provide at least 13x power, maybe a bit more. This knife has everything and is huge. Take it with you where ever you go not only can you blow people’s minds with the size of this monster but also you’ll find yourself using it at the weirdest times.

FIFA 17 – FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Draft Tips

FIFA Ultimate Team Draft , or FUT Draft for the experts, the newest mode in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. There are great prizes at stake and our tips will help you a long way to build a strong team.The first time you boot FUT, you get a draft token that can be used in single player or online drafts. Without a token you have 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points to pay to participate in a FUT Draft.Choose a difficulty level where you feel you have a good chance to win four consecutive matches. Watch out, the games become increasingly difficult and the final match is much more difficult than the first. The best prices are handed out at the end, so do not be overconfident and do not make it hard on yourself.

Then choose a formation. Play it safe again, choose not obscure formation, but go for a reliable standard. A 4-3-3 example gives a good chance that your star players fully come into their own.

FUT Draft and chemistry

Now is fixed formation, it is time to choose one of five options captain. From now on, you should focus on the most important element of a successful Ultimate Team: chemistry (or chemistry). Choosing your captain largely determines the rest of your draft. Select players from the same country, the same club or league. This often means that although a player does not get the highest rating of five choices available, you still choose him over a better player to prevent miscommunication and breakdowns during the match. Save time by already looking ahead how a player affects the chemistry of your team.

Fill out your whole team and maximize the chemistry between your players. If you’re still not convinced after selecting your eleven players, you can choose at your seven substitutes and five reserve players still looking for better connections. A player with fresh legs can be in the later stages of PEP Draft make a difference, so put guys on the bench that can be decisive.However, if you have enough confidence in the team spirit after choosing your team, you can save time by invaders you to choose automatically.

EA ensures that the 15,000 coins you invest in several ways be refunded to you. Instead of the sum simply to give back when the first or second match loses, get maps packs and some of you are buy back. The real price is of course at the end of the fourth match.

Know your players

But to get there, you must first examine well your team. Research each player’s style and idiosyncrasies. If after the draft as a headless chicken starts the first game, this can have dramatic consequences. Imagine for example the following situation: at the end of the game you left alone in front of the goal. However, shot with his right foot sails played vibrantly about. What a pity you did not examine in advance that he is left footed. There goes your glorious prize. In short, know your team as much as possible before you start playing.

And do not be discouraged if your first FIFA Ultimate Team Draft adversity. You will finally assigned random players. Collect enough coins back and try again. You never know when that invincible draft lurking.

Christmas: Muslims also celebrate the festival

Although it is not an Islamic festival, still celebrate many Muslims in Deuschland Christmas. The apartment is decorated and children look forward to gifts.

free csr racing 2 gold

Christmas also for family Coban: With tree and presents the Muslim Turks celebrate with the Christian-influenced hard. Photo: Arne Dedert 

Ilkim looking forward to Christmas. “Mom buys a Christmas tree, we adorn it, and then there are gifts under it,” the eight-year girl in Hesse Eltville says. Ilkim is Muslim Turkish woman. Her mother squad Coban explained: “We celebrate Christmas not right. But I do not exclude my children. They were born here. You should not be sad that they get paid nothing »My eleven year old son Kaan says.” In our class, we exchange gifts “That’s only if everyone participates..

Christmas as a cultural event

Many of the four million Muslims in Germany are adapting to the great feast of Christians. “We are experiencing the Christmas season not religious, but cultural”, the spokesman for the Coordination Council of Muslims in Germany said (KRM), Erol Pürlü, in Cologne. “Our children are happy about gifts in kindergartens and schools. Of the holidays we also benefit. Then we make visits or holidays and rest on our laurels. “In Islam, Jesus is a prophet and not the Son of God.

Squad Coban says, “Christmas Eve like that. Because here sitting together all the families and talk. That’s a nice tradition. Correct but we celebrate only the Muslim celebrations. The I teach my children. ”

Christmas decorations like Muslims

The chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD) Aiman Mazyek, has neighbors already paid oriental pastry during the Christmas season. “The winter and Christmas spirit also like Muslims. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is a delight – who could resist the “?

Muslims and Christians celebrate together

Many Muslims wish Christians a Merry Christmas and have often a small gift for them, the German-Syrian Mazyek says in Cologne. “We also congratulate officially the Central Council the major Christian churches.” Conversely, told Muslims their neighbors of Ramadan and Feast of Sacrifice. “Then congratulate us.”

The Mainzer Civil Neset Hızır, a Muslim Turk, looking forward to Christmas, “this atmosphere of charity and tolerance”. With him at home then there is often a wreath. “On holidays I like to visit friends,” he says.

Commercialization of Christmas increases

The commerce and consumption around Christmas see many Muslims critical. “We always have the problem that the celebrations be commercialized. Since we can not put pressure on us, “says KRM spokesman Pürlü. The ZMD-chairman Mazyek observed now fewer references to the Bible at the Christmas parties of his children. “Society has become less religious.”

Closely are Christmas, Feast of Sacrifice and Ramadan in bi-national families. “Now when I visit my Christian relatives here, I do not no gifts,” says Mazyek. He grew up the son of a Syrian father and a German mother Muslim but also Christian relationship. “Since I was a child in Muslim feasts and Christmas got double presents.” You can also visit Christmas light projectors to find some awesome projectors

A Buying Guide air compressor for home use air compressors – Health

A small air compressor can be one of the handiest tools in the workshop, but some care or guidance is needed when buying uno.La rated power, amperage and CFM they are all important, along with some other considerations. air compressors can vary from small airbrush compressor monsters that require a tractor trailer to contain them, and the physical size is important for people with limited space.

The primary consideration (apart from the cost factors) is the intended use of compresor.Va to be used to paint with, operate an air nailer, or just fill a couple of tires or toys? Do you expect the compressor operates 20 hours per week or 20 hours per year air compressors are typically noisy tools -? will be used in a workshop in the basement, a garage or separate building is expected to the compressor to operate several tools at the same time ? All valid considerations that should help guide you in purchasing an air compressor.

Airbrush air compressors are the smallest of the group, designed almost exclusively for use by artists aerógrafo.Sin But there are still basic considerations to be made.

Any oil or water gets into the air supply will ruin the paint job; fisheyes in all the work rarely less compressor oil deseable.Comprar unless a large compresor.Una water trap is needed very often necessary to catch the inevitable water produced by all compressors.

Make sure the compressor has at least a small pressure tank to smooth fluctuations pressure.The most small compressors are piston type, which produced waves of compressed air tank will reduce the increasing effect of the air compressor considerablemente.En General , the larger the tank, the better.

Most airbrush compressors operate most kits aerógrafo.Si you already have an airbrush gun, however, ensure that the air volume produced (CFM) at rated pressure (PSI) of your computer does not will stretch the capacity of compresor.Una good suggestion is to buy a compressor capable of producing at least twice the volume air requirements of your airbrush.

An air compressor for your shop can vary in size from a small pancake style that can be carried in one hand a large, vertically mounted, the unit can not be moved without difficulty considerable.?En the middle are the units they are quite large, but equipped with a handle and wheels for easy transporte.?Se can move around the house or garage without great difficulty, however, provide sufficient compressed air for most positions trabajo.?Mi own air compressor is shown as a compressor 5 HP, producing nearly 7 CFM at 90 PSI, and is mounted horizontally on a wheeled base with asa.?Es the photo on the right, and is one of the most useful tools in my workshop. Air Compressor guide

Oil less compressors, as noted above, are a virtual requirement if you want to use for any pintura.?Compresores full of oil, on the other hand, are generally larger and intended for use in oil separators pesado.?Los service are available for these compressors, but a good separator will be considerably cost.?

The main factors apart from the use of oil, are:

  • HP.Esta figure may be used only as a guide, since the method of calculating the power has changed in the last decade or so advertising maximum power or some other figure that has little to do with the real power of uso.En generally, a compressor 1 HP is quite small, while an HP or larger compressor 5 is almost as big as a can of accommodation without the use of a dedicated 240 volt circuit to feed it.
  • CFM or SCFM.Se is standard cubic feet per minute of air that the compressor pressure produced the especificada.La most air tools will require less than 3 CFM, while many paint guns (particularly the cheapest) will require much más.Asegúrese that this figure is sufficient for the tools to be used with the air compressor.
  • PSI.Libras per square inch, this is the maximum pressure of the air compressor compressors producirá.La most household must be able to produce 120 PSI – while rarely that pressure, 90 PSI requirements used are not so uncommon.
  • The tank size almacenamiento.Un good air storage tank size is not only necessary to smooth pressure variations produced by any compressor, but also to prevent the compressor constantly start and detener.Un tank that is too small can lead to a compressor should start and stop every few seconds instead of several minutos.Mi tank is a 20 gallon, which is probably large for most compressors origin, it means that the compressor only runs for a short time every 5 or 10 minutes under heavy use.
  • Use vertical or horizontal.Los tanks are generally designed for use in either the horizontal or vertical position, with the compressor mounted on the part superior.Esto is primarily a function of space and environment available, choose one that suits the room you have.
  • Amperaje.La Most home air compressors will work well in an electrical circuit dedicated 15 amp, but the larger units may require either a circuit of 120 volts and 20 amp to 240 voltios.Mi own compressor can run 120 or 240 volts for re-wired internally which is quite common in most units have left grandes.Lo houses 120 volts so I can still move to different places and you still have to connect 15 amps is required, what a 15 circuit very marginal, but it works and is connected to a dedicated 20-amp circuit cuandoaún in the workshop.

No air compressor buying guide would be complete with at least some discussion of accesorios.La variety is virtually unlimited, blowing nozzles suitable pneumatic screwdrivers for removing truck tires.

Each owner will have the hose aire.Compre only a rubber hose good quality – not plastic hoses durará.El minimum size (25 feet) or longer hoses it is 3/8 – do not settle for a 1 / 4 hose, no longer will have a sufficient volume of air to many tools.

A collection of quick connect fittings for changing tools quickly and easily be necesario.Se need a female end for each air hose, while each tool must have a male connector.

One of the most obvious needs is an accessory to fill car tires, additional to toys like basketballs or swimming accessories is also very desirable and quite barato.Asegúrese that has both an accessory to fill car tires and a pressure indicator of correctly filled neumáticos.Neumáticos and lead to a longer duration of neumáticos.Este adjustment can only pay for the air compressor over time.

Various tools such as nail guns, brad nailers, sanders, braces, the list is endless, and should be customized for each person and the type of work that realizan.Algunos examples are given here, but not limited to, use your imaginación.La most power tools are duplicated in tools tire source code as well as many who really do not have their electrical equivalent.

Having said this, there are tools that should probably not be neumática.La most are only a small hand tools, and even the few power tools are most owners owners, as should be left as están.Una table pneumatic work does not make sense, but what the workshop would not be complete without one? While there are jobs that are much easier and faster with pneumatic tools, there are also tasks like specialized tools that need electricity.

Metal doors

Today we know that the metal doors provide security, a little more than wooden doors, metal is always strong but more maintenance a little more complicated. However , the new design trends doors give us now new models rivaling finish with wooden doors and even my understanding they are more beautiful. There is now fashionable to combine metal with wood and glass, a trend that already has some years in Europe and in my country (Peru) is taking shape slowly.

The “combined door” consist essentially of a metal frame made based steel angles 1 inch a room or rectangular tube of the same size to it is attached a fabricated in outline with rectangular tube an inch door and It takes as complements for steel support plate made of the same tube and a bottom constructed with wood metal plate coated on both sides. The top is left to decorate it with glass, which can be of different shapes and colors (see Figure example). Garage door hardware kit

The doors of this type are heavy, so they must be fixed with four or five hinges and attached to the wall with deep anchors about 15 cms, if these anchors can be welded to the steel beam embedded in the wall and serves to support the bricks.The anchors should be shaped like a Y for a better grip. It is advisable to place at least three anchors per side.

It can also happen that such doors are manufactured in series, which is achieved with a large metal press and pressure. Said press produces plates of the door. L . I reliefs are achieved give strength to the plywood door and prevents them from being violated shock However , not all have a press builders usually get the same finish with a simple technique: cutting rectangular tubular about 5 or 6 inches by one and a half thickness of the wide side of which are welded to the flat structure of the bottom of the door. As always the top is left for the decorated glass can be protected by a decorative grille (see lower figure of this model).

The standard in this type of doors, which are used for main entrance, said that at least should be 2 meters high and one meter wide, though these measures are variable and range from a minimum of 0.85 meters wide to a meter. Floor height to the plate varies from a minimum of 0.70 meters to 0.90 meters depending more taste than technical. E l glass that is used must be tempered, impact resistant type or if they want to save (although not recommended for being outside) double glass can be used about 5 mm ; if they use the latter, it is advisable to place a grid space security glass as shown in the figure above;however and generally I recommend placing an external grille door size in order to increase security. The outer fence should see the same design as the grid and if it does not adopt a design in keeping with the house (colonial, modern, plain, checkered, diamonds, brick, etc.).

Should be used for manufacturing welding with 5/32 type electrodes for frames and parts support. The finish of the blades and reliefs should be done with 3/32 type electrodes that being thinner, no “burning” too metal and not pierced; on theother hand it is recommended that the welding be on both sides, it gives rigidity and allows metal to adhere firmly to each other . If you want to present as finishing the door only metal without adding wood and display lines or profiles as in the figure above, you must weld the back, for it make holes and they welded rectangular tubular, then these holes will be covered by welding padding on the back and with special metal putty before painting; only in this way you will not notice welding.

Once welded parts, we must apply the finish, which is first to apply the manual grinder to finish metals and remove traces of welding, scrubbers, etc. The second is to apply a layer of paint zincromato type anticorrosive or simply anticorrosive. I recommend using the zincromato because it lasts longer and is more resistant to moisture and the environment; once painted and dry, the paint finish that can be enamel exterior or marine epoxy paint is applied. Paint to choose will depend on weather in the area where we are located.

The choice of lock is the last task, it will depend on the security we want to obtain. Usually exterior plates are at least three strokes and decorative or simple. The first comes with handle and contracara bronze but are as safe as simple which consist of a single squeegee and a drum. If a door business can add a guard plate but if home a decorative type is recommended . the plate should be placed carefully to avoid damaging the door, it can be welded or bolted, although I have seen from experience that itis better to try to screw because when the weld when changing to some inconvenience ends up damaging the door.

15 Feng Shui Tips for the bedroom

Better sleep with Feng Shui

Sleeping BuddhaLearn how you can transform your bedroom with the help of Feng Shui.You do not need any accessories Asia or exotic tools, just the willingness to change and a little muscle power!

Attention! Apply Feng Shui, always means compromise. You are not likely all tips can implement immediately. Work therefore easy step by step and find the optimal solutions under their respective options. Something else not make professional feng shui consultant also.

Good Feng Shui looks incidentally also always good. If your bedroom so transformed by the feng shui cure in an unstructured Something wildly in space positioned furniture, you have done something wrong. So Always remember: less is often more – in Feng Shui!

Most of the listed tips are general in nature and can not and should not substitute for individual advice. You can and should help you find out if you Chinese art of wind ( feng ) and water ( shui disenchanted something). Here we go:

Here's suits: The bed is connected to the head end to a solid wall.  The bedside tables and the boxes in the foreground provide storage space to ensure symmetry and balance.  Image: Flickr (coco + kelley)

Here’s suits: The bed is connected to the head end to a solid wall. The bedside tables and the boxes in the foreground provide storage space to ensure symmetry and balance. Because smaller furniture and accessories are arranged in pairs is, in addition, emphasizes that this is a room for two. Image: Flickr (coco + kelley)

1. Keep your bedroom clear and concise.Closed cabinets and selected, mating pieces of furniture help to create a place of relaxation. One bedroom is not a storage bin or laundry, but a place that should allow you to come to rest and regenerate. Keep in mind that you spend about one third of your life sleeping. Then you should give a little attention to the design of the respective room!

2. Your bed should be at the top end of a solid wall. If no wall is available, you should make sure that the bed has a solid headboard (eg made of solid wood). The head of the bed is in the form of school of feng shui as a turtle called. The turtle (in this case, the wall behind the bed and the headboard) represents protection, strengthening and security. If it does exist, nobody will so quickly “stab in the back”.

3. The wall where your bed is, should ideally be a wall in which there is no regularly used water or heating pipes are located. The reason is simple: Rushing lines, even if you are in the wall, a prevent restful sleep.

4. Your bed should not be placed exactly between a door and a window or between two windows, which today are exactly opposite. The reason: Between opposite windows and doors often creates a kind of “Qi-threading” , the negative on to a can affect restful sleep.

5. Cabinets, shelves or heavy picture frame should not hang directly above the head of your bed. Just take the test: Place under a shelf or cabinet. For most people feel is under harrowing.


Left sample: The bed is in a door window line.Solution: The bed is moved to the opposite wall. The round carpet, the chairs and the curtains on the windows ensure that Qi that comes in through the door, can collect and immediately out the window “rausschießt”. Right example: The bed is both under and between two windows. The opposite wall is preferable from hence. (Tip: To simply enlarge click on the image.)

6. The foot of your bed should not point exactly to a door. The reason: If there is a bed / the sleeper in direct line with a room door, a similar situation arises as described in section 4. The Qi , which flows in the door flows unrestrained to be sleeping.This is considered to be disadvantageous in Feng Shui.

7. If there are beamed ceilings in the room, the bed should not be placed directly below it. With beamed ceilings, it behaves similarly with wall units & Co. (see item 3).You can stifling or threatening act like a sword of Damocles.
Does the bed can be placed under a beam, should / of / the bar with a canopy or the like should be provided.

8. Avoid sharp corners and edges. If this, for example in the form of wall or fireplace projections, pointing to the sleeping man, they are in Feng Shui unfavorable. They bundle the Qi in an unfavorable way.Position your bed therefore either so that no edges pointing to you or defuse the edges by the clever positioning of furniture or eg by gently flowing cloths that attach along the edges.

9. Is your bed under a sloping roof, it should be positioned so that you “look out” from the slope . Because you look directional bias, this creates in most cases a depressing feeling that can adversely affect sleep. The slope then acts like the proverbial “blockhead”.
If the knee wall / jamb man or higher, the oppressive feeling remains from likely. The bed can be positioned in this case also with the head of gen knee wall or along the jamb.


Bed position under a roof slope

10. Make sure that you sleep in a favorable direction for you.Calculate to your auspicious directions by the East-West system , a classical Feng Shui method, which is also for laymen easy to use.
People that the Eastern group belong, should lie with his head to the south, southeast, east or north. People of West Group belong, with his head towards the west, southwest, northwest and northeast. (How to calculate group membership.)

11. If a mirror is in the room, this should not located opposite your bed. Mirror opposite the bed disturbing effect, since a constant reflection takes place, too much yang qi produces (type). Bed Frame For Sale

12. Large houseplants and fountain are beautiful, are however in most cases not in the bedroom , because they spread too too much yang qi.

13. The bedroom is a place of rest, so it should be possible to darken the room by curtains or blinds. The reason: Sleep is the Feng Shui mainly Yin-Qi associated. Yin-Qi is the inward repatriates and is reflected inter alia in silence, darkness and tranquility.

14. In the bedroom, you should use soft wall colors. A flashy red or a deep green are out of place in most cases. So put your money on rather neutral colors or colors with low saturation (chroma).

15. Whether you are for or against a waterbed decide depends entirely on your personal preferences. In the Feng Shui of the room a waterbed has no appreciable effect.